Welcome to my site. As the Assistant Director of composition programs at Texas Woman's University (TWU) and an avid writer, I've got a lot to share, but I've exercised restraint by picking and choosing what to highlight on these pages. If you want to dig deeper into my professional career, however, keep clicking around or scroll through my most recently updated curriculum vitae. 

Since moving to Texas in 2013, I've written for The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Indulge, K Magazine, The Dallas Morning News, and GuideLive. Currently, I contribute art and culture pieces to The Fort Worth Weekly and education- or parenting-focused articles for the Madeworthy Magazine.



Although I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri – a city I love dearly because my ancestors helped to found the then small French village in 1764 – I’ve been fortunate enough to live in many different places. I try to travel as often as possible. When I’m not traveling, I’m running outdoors, studying yoga, trying to cook healthy meals, and pursuing my lifelong goal of centenarian status. Learn more about my pedagogical and professional work in this portfolio or find me on social media (@jackieehelliott).